Google Play Refund Trick 2022 | Android Tips 2022

Google play refund trick 2022 | Android tips 2022

Google Play Refund Trick 2022 | Android Tips 2022. Sometimes people purchase an item from google play and they don’t receive the desired item.
In this situation how can you get a refund of your purchase? Sometimes our family members purchase something without our permission. If you have purchased something accidentally, how can you get a refund for that purchase?

Whenever you purchase a game, an app, or an in-game item, from google play an email is sent to you. In which all details are given, to whom we had paid, what we had purchased. You have to look for that email in your Gmail account or inbox. Then scroll down and there you will find all details like when you purchased, what you purchased etc. At the bottom, you will find an option for refund policy click that and open it through any browser.

then you will come to another page where you will find an option to explore refund request options. You will find ” request a refund on google play site ” and click on it.

You will be on the official site of google play. Now click on the menu bar in the top left corner and then click on account. There are three options, reward, order history, and family. Just click on order history and you will get all the purchases, you had made. I have made a purchase of rs 59 and it is showing to me. all your purchases will show here. There is an option “report a problem” click on that.

Then you will find ‘select an option ” there is a list of reasons why you want the refund you have to select a reason for your refund. Suppose you purchased an item by mistake then go with the first option. if you have made a purchase and no longer want this purchase then go with the second option. If someone from your family has made a purchase without your consent then go with the third option. If you have not purchased or none of your family members purchased something then go with the fourth option. Suppose you paid for an item but received nothing then go with the fifth option. Sometimes we pay for an item but receive some other item then we have to select the last option.

Here I selected the first option “I purchased this by accident ” then google play show some instructions on how can you enable authentication so that accidental purchases would not happen in the future but if you are going with the second option then you will get a refund of any paid app or game but not get a refund of any in-app or in-game item.

For more details read the refund policy. I have submitted the first option and here it shows that I will receive a mail within 48 hours. In which they will inform me whether I will receive a refund or not. I received the mail within an hour and they had written that soon I will get the refund. so by following this procedure you also can get a refund for your accidental purchases. so if you want a refund you can follow this procedure. Before going for a refund make sure that you read the refund policy.

Google play Refund option not showing

If you are not able to find the options of refund reasons. I am giving you a solution for this.

Open Chrome browser and type Google play refund. After typing google play refund then click on the search button. A search result will be shown and you have to select the option “request a refund on google play ” go-to that page.

Here you will find a Gmail account from which you purchased recently. If you want a refund from another Gmail account. You can select that also. I made a purchase on COD points and it is showing here so I am selecting this. After selecting the required purchase click on the Next button. clicking on next all options will appear you have to select one reason. Why do you want a refund and then you have to submit the refund form.

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