How Much do You Get Paid Youtube Per View?

Youtube Income

This is a very honest article about Youtube Income, how much do you get paid youtube per view? I am just going to show you my gross revenue fromYouTube views. If you are interested, continue reading this article. I decided to go all honest in this article. Because a little bloggers just chat about whatever they making on YouTube. But they never talk about the real numbers.

Take a look at the Silicon Valley Girl channel. The one is actually one of my favorite channels and I run three of them. it’s a little less than a year old around lingua Marina which is almost three years old. It has 1.4 million followers approximately. I also run marina McGill Cove which is my Russian channel. it has a little over nine hundred thousand followers.

Youtube Income per 1000 views: $9.88

Here are my Youtube Income stats for the past 28 days. You know what impresses me on this channel silicon valley girl. Look at this number $9.88.This is approximately how much I’m getting per thousand views. It’s almost ten dollars which is like a lot.

Due to place, you depend on, where the audience is watching from. You can be like anywhere in the world. if people from the Us, Uk, Marry, Australia watch you, you will get more money compared to people watching you from like India or Pakistan.

You get less money for those viewers because advertisers pay less in those countries. The amount of money you’re getting also depends a lot on the topic that you’re talking about. Because advertisers are willing to pay for people who are interested in business like Silicon Valley girl.

Youtube Income per view: $0.00988

They are willing to pay a lot for your attention. When we are talking about like you know entertainment videos that are watched by maybe kids. Kids don’t have a lot of money to purchase things online or to buy products for some companies. Advertisers pay less for the attention of those people so I hope it clears out how things work.

Youtube Income per month: $2800

We go in the past 28 days. I was able to make $2,800 it’s right here. I like to look at top-earning videos. You know sometimes you make a video. Then you realized it made like over time, for example, we can actually see like last 365 days.

See what’s the top under new video like 8 most profitable business ideas already six thousand dollars. I did not have any idea when I was shooting this video. How much money I would be able to make of it. it seems like some videos where people show their income and they’re making like a million dollars of the video like, this is crazy some videos make like two thousand, some videos make less but let’s go back to the past 28 days.

I also like to see how my revenue grows normally grows together with the channel sometimes there are spikes sometimes it goes down like really depends on the seasonality and stuff but here we see that Silicon Valley girl has been steadily growing from like $1,000 in December to already $3,000 in April.

Youtube Income per 1000 views: $4.84

On Lingua Marina channel now you see a completely different  CPM. It’s twice as low as Silicon Valley girl. It’s five dollars which is not bad which is like I would say this is average for YouTube but I was not able to get like four thousand dollars in the past. It’s not only I am like really impressed by the money I can still make out of it. It’s just comparing to Silicon Valley girl. Youtube Income: How Much do You Get Paid Youtube Per View?

Youtube Income per month: $3900

I feel that people are making so many New Year’s resolutions like I’m gonna start changing my life starting like January and they’re starting to watch my videos in December and then my December income is spiking like seven thousand, seven thousand and then you know it gradually goes down again as I mentioned. It’s up and down all the time maybe I make another viral video in the next couple of weeks and this changes completely.

Youtube Income per view: $0.00484

Look at the top-performing videos It was still lifetime my top paying video on this channel is 10 high-paying jobs you can learn and do from home $8,000 again I had no idea that it was gonna make so much money of that video.

Just take a look at the revenue. Russia is on average like a cheaper country and things cost cheaper than compared to America. So it’s natural that the CPM is the lowest here it’s 2.7 dollars per thousand views and with 1.3 million views I was able to get around $1,800.

A True Success Story of Vlogger:

I have recently talked to a vlogger. Who has like five hundred thousand followers on YouTube. She is very successful because she told me that three years ago she was this little hater who was sitting and hating others, especially beauty vloggers because they were getting all this like makeup for free. They were living a life going to Coachella getting sponsored trips and stuff.

She was so jealous that she didn’t have this lifestyle so she just hated people online. Then suddenly she realized this is not the best use of her energy because she could have invested this energy into creating something it’s gonna teach other people and inspire other people and this way she became a beauty vlogger and living a life.

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