iphone12 vs iphone 12 pro

iphone12 vs iphone 12 pro

iphone12 vs iphone 12 pro, Which iPhone should you choose? If you are thinking of buying an iPhone, then you have come to the right place. I will help you decide if you should pick up an iphone12 or an iPhone 12 pro. I will show all the similarities and everything that makes these different.


Let’s start off with the different colors with the iphone12. You have a little bit more of a color variety and you can see this in the blue color, green, red, and white. You only get four color choices and those are specific. Black with the iPhone 12 pro.


There is also a price difference between these different phones. The iphone12 starts at $799 dollars for 64GB of storage and then goes up to $949 dollars with 256GB of storage. Now if you want to buy the iphone12 unlocked. it’s an additional 30 dollars that’s something new over what we had before.
The iPhone 12 pro prices start at $999 dollars with 128GB of storage and then go up to $1299 with 512GB. With unlocked variants, the price is no different with the iphone12 so you only have to pay 30 dollars extra with the iPhone 12 pro.


iphone12 vs iphone 12 pro. As far as the overall build and size, well the size itself is absolutely identical. In fact, the exact same cases work for either. Apple has made them the same size and when you buy a case it actually says that it’s for the iphone12 and 12 pro.


The build is a little bit different, the iphone12 is a little bit lighter because it’s made of aluminum. In fact, the outside edge is aluminum. All the way around it’s a nice matte color. Whatever color you get. Also, the back is glass. It’s all-glass back and front on both devices.

With the iPhone 12 pro, it’s stainless steel around the outside edge. It’s polished stainless steel all the way around and it’s also a matte glass on the back. Everything is the same as far as the speakers are the same, the microphones are the same.


There’s a weight difference as well so the iphone12 comes in at 5.78 ounces or 164 grams. The iPhone 12 pro is a little bit heavier at 6.66 ounces or 189 grams.


They both have 5G. They have the exact same 5g network and everything is the same as far as the speakers are the same, the microphones are the same and the displays are the same.


The displays are the same. They’re the exact same displays, they’re the same in every dimension 6.1 inches super retina XDR led displays.Also the same resolution at 2532 by 1170 with 460 pixels per inch. They support hdr and true tone.

There is one slight difference that apple included between the two is the brightness. That’s where the difference comes in with the iphone12. It goes up to 625 nits of brightness where the iphone 12 pro goes up to 800 nits of brightness. They both go super bright, they’re easy to view outside and when you’re playing back hdr video they hit the same brightness of 1200 nits.


There’s another difference when it comes to the processor. They have the same exact a14 bionic CPU inside of them. It’s a super-fast new chip that processes all sorts of things like hdr video.
The iphone12 only has 4 gigabytes of ram where the iPhone 12 pro has 6 gigabytes of ram.


On the back, there are obvious differences with the cameras. The iPhone 12 lacks an additional lens and lacks the new lidar sensor that the 12 pro has. We have the exact same ultrawide with a 2.4 aperture and then we also have a wide 1.6 aperture lens which lets in a lot of light.
The additional lens that we get or camera that we get on the 12 pro is a telephoto lens. It does give you an advantage with an f 2.0 aperture if you want to take a telephoto zoom photo

With the iphone12 you can zoom in and apple says you get a 2x optical zoom range. They’re sort of punching into the sensor to give you that look.
The iPhone 12 pro can punch in a little bit further up to a 4x optical zoom range and allows you to zoom in a little bit further on the app itself.

The iPhone 12 pro can also take portrait photos at night with its lidar sensor. The forward-facing cameras on both of them are identical in every single way. Both have the option to record in Dolby vision hdr but the 12 pro can do it up to 60 frames per second where the 12 can go to 30 frames per second.


Being that both of these are the exact same size. They have the exact same battery inside so what that means is a 2815 mAh hour battery is in both of these devices. There is zero difference between them, there’s zero difference in battery life. In fact in normal use expect seven hours of battery life if you’re a light user maybe less if you’re a heavy user and using 5g as 5g does use more power but it may take a few days for that sort of to optimize.


One thing that’s nice that Apple included this year is MagSafe and MagSafe works on either of them for charging you get 15-watt fast charging on either one of them it’s magnetic. it adheres to the back of the phone with a wireless charging magnet so basically, there’s a magnetic ring on the outside of this wireless charger and there’s a wireless charging coil in the center and you can just adhere it to the back both have the same advantage of using this wireless charger.


There is some great water sealing in both of them they’re water-resistant up to six meters at this point for up to 30 minutes so they’re ip68 water-resistant but even further down and for a longer time so that’s really great if you do drop it in water it should be more resistant to actually damage the phone.

Which iPhone should you choose?

iphone12 vs iphone 12 pro

With the iPhone 12 there are a lot of deals right now to get it fairly inexpensively but with the iPhone 12 pro, it starts with 128 gigabytes of storage by default. That’s actually a great deal and if you bump up the iphone12 to that same storage size you’re about a 100-50 dollar difference between the two depending on what the actual price is for you.

It’s going to vary a lot depending on your budget but 9.99 for the iPhone 12 pro comes with 128GB of storage, for 8.49 you get 128GB of storage with the iPhone 12.

If you are going to get an iPhone 12 I would definitely bump it up for 50 to double the storage. I think that’s a great thing to do. It’s pretty inexpensive and you can’t upgrade it later so that’s probably the way to go unless you don’t use much storage at all.

Now with the iPhone 12 pro unless you use a ton of storage. I would go with the base option. There’s no advantage in going with the larger storage unless you absolutely need it. If you do plan to record a ton of video with it though maybe you want the 256 or 512 option it just depends on what you’re doing with it but for the most part, I think most people would be happy with 128GB of storage.

Small Vs Large

If you do want a smaller phone. Apple offers the iPhone 12 mini and they also offer a larger iPhone 12 pro max. In general, the iphone12 is really nice size. It’s a kind of sweet spot for most people and I highly recommend it either of these phones is a great choice.

Humble Request

Let me know what you would pick up in the comments below. if you’ve already picked one up or if you’re looking for a different size. or going to hang on to your older phone for a while since those seem to last a long time as well. let me know in the comments below. if you haven’t subscribed our newsletter please subscribe and if you enjoyed this please give it a like. Thanks for staying here.

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